Frances Bryers

International Women's Day Spotlight: Past

Warrant Officer Frances Bryers, MBE

International Women’s Day is the day in which we celebrate the accomplishments of women. Hobsonville Point has a long history as an Air Force base and now as residential community, and has no shortage of women who have made their mark. Today we are highlighting two women, one from the past and one from the present who have made an impact on the community. 

Warrant Officer Frances Bryers MBE from Henderson, Auckland had a very notable career in the Air Force as the head of pay and accounting sections at Hobsonville Point. She joined the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force (WAAF) in 1942 and was described as being an “absolute gem” and was widely loved by servicewomen. In 1946 she marched in Britain’s Victory Parade and brought British WAAF personnel to New Zealand in 1951. Frances Bryers was awarded the prestigious Queen’s Warrant by Queen Elizabeth II in 1952. She was the first member of the WAAF’s to be honoured and a newspaper in 1953 stated that she was possibly the first servicewomen in the Commonwealth to be granted this award. 

Today her legacy lives on in Hobsonville Point with a street named in her honour. 

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